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Saving regularly has never been simpler!

About our savings

A range of accounts to suit your needs

North London Credit Union’s range of accounts includes our main Savings Builder account, Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and a variety of ‘lockable’ or fixed-term accounts designed to help you save up for a specific event. You tell us how much you need to save and when you will need it. You can also rest easy knowing that the money can be accessed in an emergency, with no penalty and since your savings are full covered by FSCS - in the unlikely event that the worse should happen, you’ll get all your money back.

  • Accounts available to support regular or lump sum savings
  • Easy withdrawals to a nominated account (fair usage applies)
  • Deposits accepted by direct debit, standing order, payroll deduction, bank transfer and cheque (we do not accept cash deposits, in person or via a bank)
  • Adult accounts pay an annual dividend (profit share) rather than interest